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The "Best of ONLINE" Collections are bundles of Retrievers ONLINE articles on specific topics. At the time of the initial website launch there were 5 Collections. We recently added two more. You can read about the available Collections below.Since all the Collection articles are in a pdf format, you can download and print the articles just as they would have appeared in the Retrievers ONLINE magazine. More Collections will be added so watch for them on our Facebook page  or here on the Facebook page excerpt on the Home page. Check back often for new Collections and new "free" Online articles. 


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  • Improving How your Dog Handles on Blinds-Part 1

    Improving How your Dog Handles on Blinds-Part 1

    In this multi-part Collection, Part 1 and Part 2  address many of the problems you will encounter with blind retrieves and how your dog handles. In Part 1, the articles discuss handling problems with your dog such as poor whistle sits, initial lines, holding lines, not changing direction on casts, and advanced topics like the "red zone", poison birds and diversions. Problem solving drills like BB Blinds are included as well as evaluating your dog's blinds

  • Improving How Your Dog Handles on Blinds-Part 2

    In this multi-part Collection, Part 1 and 2 together address many of the problems you will encounter with blind retrieves and how your dog handles. In Part 2, you will find articles on blind types, repeating blinds, special blind exercises such as Permanent Contrary Blinds and Chinese Drills. There is also handling tips for you and as well as evaluation of both you and your dogs mastery of blinds. Together, Part 1 and Part 2 provide you 19 articles that will help you address many blind handling problems.

  • Favourite Marking Set-ups

    Articles describing some of our best marking set-ups. Learn about short bird drills, punch bird set-ups, various quads, ABCDs. and how to run big set-ups with different levels of dogs. We'll probably have a second set of marking set-ups but this one will be a necessary first collection.

  • Training Alone Tips

    Learning how to train alone is important for almost all Amateurs. This collection will give you the Basics for Marks both with and without remote devices. The collection has details on improving marking as well as efficiency techniques to save you valuable time.  

  • Keys to Transition Marking and Handling

    Keys to Transition Marking and Handling

    Struggling with cold blinds and multiple marks? This collection of 10 articles will help you during this critical period.The Swim-by Tune-up and early water channel Blinds and Cheating singles are described. The big step to cold blinds and multiple marks is covered in several articles. This is a must have collection for Transition level trainers.

  • Becoming A Better Handler

    This collection of 9 articles is one of our favorites. It features information on the basics of sending your dog, deliveries and other line mechanics. It has articles on improving your casting and handling on blind retrieves. It also includes very valuable information on differences in handling at trials and while training. Finally, the subject of how to analyze a test and plan how you will run it is analysed. Your dog and its performance will benefit greatly from you becoming a better handler.

  • Training Set-up Fundamentals

    This collection has 7 articles on Teaching and Training set-ups. It has Guidelines for Training, Planning Sessions, how to improve sequences and even an article on repeating. Using the articles in this collection will progress your dog as you change how you design set-ups and learn how to teach instead of test.

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