Keys to Transition Marking and Handling

Written by: Dennis Voigt - April 13, 2016

Struggling with cold blinds and multiple marks? This collection of 10 articles will help you during this critical period.The Swim-by Tune-up and early water channel Blinds and Cheating singles are described. The big step to cold blinds and multiple marks is covered in several articles. This is a must have collection for Transition level trainers.

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  • Transition Water Channels and Cheating Singles
    Teach the Fundamental water skills to the Transition level dog with Channel work and cheating singles

  • Transition level multiple marks and blinds
    The Transition level teaches the dog about multiple marks (triples), retired guns, cold blinds and diversions. This article will get you started on a good footing.

  • The Swim-By Tune-Up
    This is an extremely valuable drill when done correctly. It is done right after Swim-By (the Last step in Basics). It will greatly help your dog to understand cheating singles and seeking water. One of our very best exercises ever!

  • Water Cheating and the Progression of Cheating Singles
    A detailed guide to the progressive steps in developing the more advanced skills of going straight around water. These steps will help your Transition dog on both marks and blinds

  • Five Transition Troubles and their Solutions
    Many trainers struggle the most with Transition level work and progress slows to a crawl. Instead it should be the most exciting and level as dogs learn new things every day! Here are the five of the most common troubles and tips to address them.

  • The Gawking Dog in Transition
    When dogs loose confidence and get from confusing training they often gawk around and avoid looking out at destination or memory marks. this article explores this problem with analysis and solutions.

  • Transition level-Make or break Time!
    Even with good Basics, the Transition level is a critical stage. Dogs are now moving into large-scale field situations, new experiences, new challenges. It is an important time that requires careful building and attention to ABC (Attiude, Balance and Control). Learn more here.

  • The Big Step to Cold Blinds and Advanced Marks
    Another article discussing the tricky Transition time when many dogs struggle with cold blinds, diversions and more difficult triples or even quads. A careful approach can avoid many issues. This article includes my 3 X 3 method of teaching Cold blinds to transition dogs. That Method is discussed detail in my 25 Essential Drills DVD. This article describe it many years before i labelled it 3 X 3! It has worked for many dogs.

  • Those Transition Hurdles
    This article reviews the Transition steps as well as provides tested and proven advise to avoid problems or address them when they occur.

  • Blind Attitude
    An important consideration in all training is your dogs attitude. It is critical for pleasing, stylish blinds as well as your dogs learning from lessons. This article focuses on things you can do to improve and maintain blind attitude


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Written by: Dennis Voigt| April 13, 2016

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