Mastering Marking Series I - Key Concepts

Written by: Dennis Voigt - April 10, 2020


This Collection is Volume I of the 3 Volume Collection on Mastering Marking. There are 9 articles in Key Concepts covering a variety of the most significant Marking Concepts including Two down the shore, Hip-pockets, Short check-down birds, Island birds, Tight marks and Water marks. Each of these requires practice. See also the volumes on Teaching Multiples and Improving and Refining Marking. You may also be interested in the Favourite Marking Set-ups Collection.


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  • The Many Faces of Water Marks:
    An article describing the special features and issues associated with water marks. 

  • Middle Length Retired Marks:
    A short but valuable article on this important but difficult concept in a multiple marking set-up.

  • Training on Down the Shore Marks:
    How to develop this skill and when, where and how to handle dogs as they learn this concept.

  • Training on Tight Marks (and Blinds):
    Different ways to develop the skill required to master the tight lines between marks and blinds.
  • Challenges of Two Down the Shore:
    This article describes ways to deal with the ying and the yang of two birds down the shore or even two along a bush line. Maybe not the best marking tests to evaluate marking but still an important concept to master.

  • Momma-Poppa Marks:
    Methods to teach Momma-Poppa marks-two birds thrown in opposite directions from the same station. Includes info on the Monster Quad!

  • The Island Birds:
    Marks thrown to Islands can be challenging. They are a concept to learn initially as singles but ultimately as memory birds.
  • Hip-Pocket Marking Tests:
    Understanding the different hip-pocket and related configurations with tips on how to teach the various concepts.
  • A Handful of Short Bird marking Tips:
    A discussion of why short birds can develop into being a problem and tips to address their issues.


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Written by: Dennis Voigt| April 10, 2020

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