Training Alone Tips

Written by: Dennis Voigt - April 13, 2016

Learning how to train alone is important for almost all Amateurs. This collection will give you the Basics for Marks both with and without remote devices. The collection has details on improving marking as well as efficiency techniques to save you valuable time. 


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  • More Efficient Training Alone Field Set-ups
    This article adds a few more efficient methods for set-ups when training alone

  • Problem Solving set-ups -Training Alone
    Methods to address Training Problems with set-ups while training alone.

  • 10 Best Stand Alone marks
    Never underestimate the value of Stand Alone marks when training alone. here are 10 of our favourites

  • Advanced Marking Set-ups without remotes
    This article describes methods for Advanced marking set-ups without the use of remote devices to throw your marks

  • Efficient Repeats for Marking Skills when training Alone
    A guide to some efficient ways to run marking set-ups that will save time and set-up effort yet enhance marking skills. Includes tips on running the same set-up without moving marks for different levels of dogs.

  • The Valley Drill for Advanced Training Alone on Marks and Binds
    The Valley drill was designed to work on advanced marking and blind skills while training alone without remote devices. You can take the principles and apply it to many types of terrain, various distances, various concepts and different levels of dogs.

  • Methods of Throwing Marks by Yourself for your dog 
    Our Basic guide to the different methods of throwing marks by yourself. each method has it's advantages and uses.

  • Hunt Area and Focus Marking Drills
    Learning to hunt in a tight area and focusing on the exact location of a mark are two key concepts. This article describes drills to do that either with one thrower or alone if you teach Send Backs.


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Written by: Dennis Voigt| April 13, 2016

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