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Retrievers ONLINE is an information packed quarterly magazine
featuring in-depth training, handling, judging and health articles for the working retriever owner.

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Updated November 23, 2014

Our Oct-Nov-Dec “Fall” issue was ready for mailing on 24th November. USA subscribers may see a delay in delivery since we post out of Buffalo, NY. As many of you know, Buffalo has been basically shut down with record snowfall of 6-8 feet in just a few days.

We're sad, but also excited, to say that this issue marks the end of 25 years of publishing Retrievers ONLINE. For information about what’s next see the section below on our future plans. New readers can, of course, still get all of 2014 issues and all can get back issues that are still in stock. However, until we can tell you more about the future products we're planning, we are not taking any renewals for 2015.

We do have other exciting news, however. Our brand new DVD and Field Guide are now available through ybsmedia.com. It is entitled 25 Essential Retriever Training Drills for Handling with Dennis Voigt. It is complementary to our Training Retrievers Alone DVD and book, as well as several of the top training programs in use today.

The DVD is reviewed in depth in our current issue. Also included in this issue are articles on repetition and how it changes from young to older dogs, insight into free information, details in differences of marks thrown by yourself, evaluating your dog’s handling, an important note on the perils of neutering for some dogs, and a complete report on the 2014 Canadian National Retriever Championship. We think you will enjoy it.

A New Retrievers ONLINE
As mentioned above, the current issue marks the end of 25 years of publishing Retrievers ONLINE as a printed, mailed subscription magazine. Over the years we have tried to provide the best and most comprehensive collection of training and handling information. In addition, we provided many articles on retriever news and the sport, judging, health and wellness and critical reviews of retriever related products. You told us often that Retrievers ONLINE was the best magazine out there for these purposes. Many told us that the unique information we provided helped make you and your dogs better. We would like to thank you and all of our supporters and advertisers for your support over the years. We have been pleased to help you to make your dogs become the best they can be.

Some retriever folks are just now learning about Retrievers ONLINE and newcomers often order many years of back issues when they discover our content. Unfortunately, the costs of printing and mailing and the effort for timely delivery and maintenance of a subscription magazine has become too limiting; this despite outstanding services by Howard Simson and staff of KKP (Kwik-Kopy) in Vaughan and the staff at Direct Worx mailing house in Hamilton.

Unlike many magazines, much of our information, such as good knowledge about training, tips to improve handling, solid advice about judging, and methods for best care of your dogs, is not dated. Indeed, good information is timeless. We know that many of our current readers and many other retriever fanatics do not have a lot of our archived information. We continue to have an inventory of back issues, especially since about 2005 (except for 2008). We will continue to offer those by order for your education and to complete your collection.

Over the years many of you have requested collections of the Best of ONLINE on various topics. We have been looking at different ways to provide that, and we still have an interest in providing more new and important information for you. In fact, we did a feasibility study of ways to do this. Consequently, our plan is to launch a new Retrievers ONLINE website in 2015.

On our new Retrievers ONLINE website, we will provide you free of charge a lot of the best information from Retrievers ONLINE related to topics like judging, health and wellness, reviews of products, DVDs, books and more. We will continue to update those topics with new information. We will assess your interest in receiving an e-newsletter of new information.

The greatest feature of Retrievers ONLINE for many of you is the archive of training and handling information. We find it’s a rare question or discussion on popular training forums and other places for which we can’t provide an in-depth article — or several — with answers. We have described hundreds of setups, field exercises, drills and techniques over the years. To meet the requests of many of you, we are going to assemble the best of Retrievers ONLINE in a series of collections on specific topics. Examples might be topics like: Advanced Marking Setups; Improving Your Handling Skills; Favourite Exercises for the Transition Dogs; Designing Blinds and Tune-ups;and so on. Each of the collections would consist of about 5 different articles and an overview. Some of the original articles would be updated or annotated. The collections will be available for purchase online through a secure shopping cart feature. You will be able to read them online or download a PDF and read at your leisure. All of the material on the website will be cross-linked and searchable, since the website will be designed and supported by Agility Inc., using a cloud-based Content Management System. The content will continue to grow and expand over time as we add new and archived information. Obviously, this is going to take some time and effort to develop, as well as to compile the selection of material to make available to you. When the time comes to launch the website, we will notify as many of you as possible through various media. We hope that the new Retrievers ONLINE will become your single best web-based source for retriever information.

Once again, thank you for your support and feedback, and we look forward to a new beginning with you.

Dennis and Fiona

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Retrievers ONLINE provides detailed reports of Canadian Nationals for the National Retriever Club of Canada (NRCC) including photos and diagrams of all test plus statistics. For Canadian Field Trial Results and Statistics, go to the NRCC website

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